The City of Baltimore, the Baltimore Public Art Commission, and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts in collaboration with the Baltimore City Department of General Services and St Vincent de Paul is seeking to commission a professional artist or artist team to create artwork for permanent display as part of Sarah’s Hope. The deadline is August 7th, 2015. Click through for more information and for the link to the submission form.

The Baltimore City Department of General Services and St Vincent de Paul is seeking to commission an artist to create an art installation for the newly renovated Sarah’s Hope building that will work with the exterior elements of the building and grounds.

We are looking for an artist capable of collaborating with the architectural design team, Non Profit Organization and Community to envision and create an artwork that integrates with the building’s architecture, reflecting the active nature of the building and values of the community.


The Department of General Services (DGS) and St Vincent de Paul (SVDP) is seeking a qualified artist to work closely with the design team to design an integrated art installation as part of the proposed site improvements. The artwork should enliven the gathering spaces, and may reference the historic character of the building and history of the Sandtown-Winchester Community. The commissioned artist will work closely with the staff, local stakeholders (SVDP), the DGS design team and the Public Art Commission to develop a public art design concept for the building’s grounds.

This project will focus on the exterior elements of the buildings and grounds; the selected artist will work with the community, DGS, the architects, St. Vincent de Paul and the Public Art Commission to incorporate their project into the site design and intended use of the building. The renovation plan includes a comprehensive redesign of the exterior landscape including major asphalt removal to create a variety of new green spaces, new entrance pathways and ADA accessible ramps, play space, amphitheater-like seating built into the slope, and an exterior deck. There will be multiple locations for this Public Art project to be integrated into the proposed features (i.e. cast into the walls or walkways) or be functional ornamentation (i.e. artist-designed fences and railings), with an emphasis in working with the play area (art installation that encourages children’s exploration and creative play).

Sarah’s Hope provides 24 hour emergency shelter, case management and other support services for homeless families. The shelter is funded by Baltimore City and operated by St. Vincent de Paul.  The interior of Sarah’s Hope was recently renovated, expanding the shelter to better accommodate families, so they can all stay together.


Founded in 1865, St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore is an independent, faith-based non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure those impacted by poverty has the skills and resources to achieve their full potential.  St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore is a pioneer in the development of social programs and the advocacy of social justice through a wide range of services.

At the Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter we provide immediate stabilization to homeless families, strive to preserve the family unit, help families quickly regain permanent housing, and enable them to achieve long-term self-sufficiency.  These services include: intensive case management, meals, service linkage, life skills training, parenting classes, employment readiness classes, health screenings, public school enrollment, and child and youth services and activities


Current Status

  • Anticipated Construction to Begin: February 2016
  • Anticipated Completion Date: October 2016


Total project budget is $46,000 and includes all costs, such as artist’s fees, travel, shipping, fabrication and installation.  This budget is based on the estimated capital construction budget for the project.


Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on August 7, 2015

Applications received after the deadline and those that are found to be incomplete will not be reviewed. It is the responsibility of the submitting artist to ensure that applications are complete and arrive by the deadline. Extensions to this deadline will not be granted.



Please submit the following:

  • Artist Statement: briefly describe your interest and qualifications for this project. Describe your experience and approach in working with communities, specifically experience working with the Sandtown-Winchester area of Baltimore city. (PDF only)
  • Resume: please attach a current Resume, which outlines your experience as a visual or public artist. (PDF only)
  • UPLOAD: six (6) images of completed past artworks
    • Images must be sized to the following dimensions
      • File Format: Baseline JPEG (do not use progressive JPEG format)
      • Please size each image to be no more than 1 MB in file size.
      • File Name: Images MUST be titled in the following manner: Last Name, First Name, number corresponding to the image description sheet (For example: DoeJane01; DoeJane02; etc. Collaborative artists groups should begin their image title with their group name or the last name of each member followed in parenthesis by artist who completed the work that the image number refers (For example: DoeJonesSmith01(Doe); DoeJonesSmith02(Doe); DoeJonesSmith03(Jones); etc.)
  • Annotated Image List to include the following: title of work, dimensions, medium, year of completion, location, three (3) sentence description, and artwork budget amount. (PDF only)
  • References: names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of three (3) professional references for each applicant. (PDF only)


  • Chosen artwork will be required to withstand outdoor environment with very limited maintenance.  Artists should take into consideration the possibility of adverse conditions, the wealth of pedestrian traffic passing by and through the site, and the safety of the audience. The artist chosen for this project will be required, upon its completion, to submit a description of required maintenance.
  • The City of Baltimore, the Baltimore City Department of General Services, and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts reserves the right to reproduce images of submitted artwork for printed or internet publicity, catalogue, map or other marketing or educational purposes.
  • Application materials will not be returned.


Any local or regional professional artist or artist team is eligible to apply. If artists are applying as a team, the team should be declared in the Artist Statement, specifying a team leader to receive notifications. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Current Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts employees and Public Art Commission members may not apply.


Qualifications will be reviewed by an Artist Selection Panel and the Baltimore Public Art Commission based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetic merit of past projects; appropriateness of artwork medium and artistic concepts;
  • Experience, success and/or interest in creating public artworks in collaboration with architects, design teams, and community members.
  • Past public art commissions not requisite for review, but submitted work should demonstrate potential for consideration as part of a public art selection process.
  • Experience working with the Sandtown-Winchester area of Baltimore city.


  • To enrich and enliven the experience of Baltimore City for its citizens and visitors
  • To establish a significant public art collection for the City.
  • To create an engaging space, artwork, and environment that accentuates construction efforts, and is sensitive to the community where the artwork is located
  • To commission public artwork that is durable and able to withstand high-traffic, unmonitored outdoor environments that include extreme adverse weather conditions, with very little maintenance.


Lou Joseph – Project Manager
Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts
Phone: (443) 263-4339


For general inquires about the percent-for-art program or additional questions contact:

Ryan Patterson – Public Art Administrator

Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts
Phone: (443) 263-4338


Full information and the submission form can be found on BOPA’s Submittable page:


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