About This Blog

Welcome! This is Baltimore Arts, a blog run by Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts (BOPA) to accomplish the following:

  • Provide Baltimore area artists and arts professionals with information about local and national opportunities, such as grants and fellowships.
  • Bring awareness to all readers about Baltimore based artists, as well as arts events and news in the Baltimore area.
  • Provide a behind-the-scenes, personal look at what BOPA is working on and progress on BOPA-produced festivals, events, programs, etc.

Whether you are an artist, arts professional, arts appreciator, or anyone else, we hope this blog is informative and helps keep you up to date and excited about the arts!

If you’re not already familiar with BOPA, let me give you a brief introduction. BOPA is a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization that produces arts events, festivals, programs, and also manages some facilities. BOPA is responsible for coordinating some of the largest, most well-known annual events around Baltimore such as Artscape, the largest free arts festival on the east coast. BOPA also manages funding for artist grants and prizes, such as for murals and other public artworks, and educational workshops for the Baltimore community, such as programs at School 33 Art Center. BOPA employs some pretty awesome people who work continuously to provide exciting events and opportunities for the Baltimore community, and support artists locally and around the country. You can find more detailed information about BOPA and its goals at the BOPA homepage.

This site is in blog-format, and the posts are meant to be short, sweet, informative and exciting. Tabs along the main (horizontal) menu bar link to information about BOPA-led programs, including (1) resources for artists, (2) educational opportunities, and (3) information for Baltimore locals. The side (vertical) menu bar, found along the right side of the page, allows you to (1) search this blog, (2) navigate a variety of post categories, (3) explore outside links relating to BOPA-produced programs and opportunities, as well as (4) navigate an archive of past posts.

BOPA wants you to be part of the conversation! Please feel free to comment on any of our entries with your own questions or responses to posted material.