Vik Muniz, Chuck Close, Sarah Sze and Jean Shin have been commissioned by the MTA to beautify the 2nd Ave subway.

List of temporary public art projects in Boston, via the Boston Art Commission.

In an effort to promote bike-friendliness in Roanoke, VA, the city is getting its very own piece of intriguing cycling art in the form of a giant wooden comb.











In San Antonio, Texas, a duo of artists created a community gathering space with the installation of elegant chandeliers built out of recycled bicycle parts, transforming a dingy, dark freeway underpass into a rather charming space.


With strict regulations on murals only recently lifted in Los Angeles, you might think that the artists and public art facilitators who fought so hard to make murals legal again would be playing it safe to start. You would be wrong.  (via Hyperallergic)



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