The nature of failure in art is a topic that seems to rise to surface every few years or so, and most of these articles can have a pop psychology feel to them, but these are some of the more recent articles and worth an artist’s time, even if to make you rethink your approach in the studio.

Interview with Sarah Davis at Art21.

Barry Schwabsky write about art schools and the nature of failure in the Nation.

Tony Kushner on “failure art” and writing in the New Yorker.

Learning to embrace failure can help artists succeed, Sarah Lewis argues in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Carol Becker on art, research and failure.

Why Failure Is the Best Friend of Creative Innovation, by Liz Chavez in Huffington Post.

The Gift of Doubt: Albert O. Hirschman and the power of failure, by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker.




One Thought on “Reading List: Failure and Art

  1. Nice article linking the fetishizing of failure, especially in Silicon Valley, to Samuel Beckett.

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