Park Heights Renaissance is looking for an artist partner to design a Transformative Art project for a vacant lot in their community.

About the lot

The lot in consideration is the site of a proposed community garden to benefit the students, families and community around Arlington Elementary Middle School. The project is supported by Park Heights Renaissance, the school, and multiple community partners. It is located in a residential community, surrounded mainly by housing, and is approximately 3 blocks from Arlington Elementary Middle School, on a corridor that sees a fair amount of auto and foot traffic.

Goals for the Project

For this project, we hope to engage the community in planning what the final project will entail, but we expect that this will be a permanent visual enhancement (mural, sculpture, etc.). The intent is that the experience and the artwork itself will simultaneously improve the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood, engage students and adults in an artistic opportunity, and help the generate interest and engagement in the community garden.

If you’re interested in working with Park Heights Renaissance, please contact:

Tony Bridges,  and

Jennifer Caldwell,

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