Former MICA students Max Guy and Miranda Pfeiffer, who have moved on to Chicago and Los Angeles, respectively, have recently begun an art-based podcast, Human Eye. While not available on iTunes yet, it is worth checking out on their website, which contains links to things discussed on the podcast, and a drawing worked on by Miranda while talking with Max on the show. Definitely worth a listen!

From the site: “Human Eye is a bi-weekly podcast series hosted by Miranda Pfeiffer and Max Guy. Episodes are part candid, part structured phone conversations about art and life–about living as artists. We share insecurities, talk about working independently, about graduate school, time, money, and what we are/not going to do over the weekend. Each episode is accompanied by a reading guide, with links to criticism, short stories, Instagram accounts, and other resources mentioned in the show.

Occasionally diverging from this format, we interview peers, people we admire and invite guests to contribute audio-experiences.

We have known each other since 2007 when we met at the Maryland Institute College of Art where we both received undergraduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Sculpture. Shortly after graduating, we shared a studio in Miranda’s living room, but then proceeded to collaborate together on larger exhibitions, text-heavy publications, and late night phone calls.

Max Guy is an artist living in Chicago, IL. He has collaborated on projects such as Szechuan Best, Spiral Cinema, and Devil, a creative space for art and exhibition, previously located in Baltimore (with Rock512Devil), and recently relocated to Chicago. He has contributed to the Temporary Art Review, ACRES and What Weekly. Currently, Max is a MFA candidate of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University.”

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