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BALTIMORE, MD – December 2, 2015 — The Incredible Creation is officially opening The Incredible Little Art Gallery on December 19, 2015. The gallery is located at 823 East Baltimore Street (Doors A&B). The Incredible Little Art Gallery strives to be the youngest African-American-Owned Art Gallery in Baltimore. The gallery will provide opportunities for aspiring painters, sculptors, photographers, etc. The criteria for such opportunities are based on participant’s talent, artistic individuality and level of discipline. The Incredible Creation founder, Milly Vanderwood, believes that artists from all mediums should be able to display their talents, regardless of traditional standards of the “art spectrum”.

The diversity of artists featured in The Incredible Little Art Gallery’s “opening reception” is attributed to the centralized downtown location. The artists selected have varying backgrounds, as well as, a wide array of personalities, which results in the gallery encompassing an interesting cultural mix. It houses various styles of art such as surrealism, contemporary, pop art, photo-realism and abstract. Guests will have the opportunity to be introduced to the gallery’s featured artists.

The Incredible Creation is not just an art gallery, but also an independent creative brand. In fact, Milly Vanderwood, works one-on-one with visual and recording artists to help jump-start their careers, by providing them with management and mentorship. Jerrell Gibbs, co-founder of The Incredible Little Art Gallery, explains that, “What we want to do is provide a platform for artists of all races, genders and ethnic backgrounds, to be able to have their work seen by the masses”.

Contact: Milly Vanderwood
Cell: ​410 504 9249



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