The Generational Shift:
Creating New Approaches to Leadership, Funding,
and Audience Participation in the Arts.

 Wednesday, October 30

9:30 am – 3:00 pm

 Howard County Center for the Arts

8510 High Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043

 Registration for ArtsLab 2013 is open HERE!

MCA’s second annual capacity building conference for arts professionals and artists offers an opportunity to explore solutions to the challenges of an already occurring shift in generational demographics.  Participants will look at this shift through the following three lenses:

  1. Approaches to organizational leadership and governance
  2. Trends in philanthropy and in earned income
  3. Changes in audience participation

ArtsLAB was created to engage administrators, artists, trustees, patrons, staff, volunteers, educators, and parents in considering the future of our arts sector, and to ensure that we are the strongest stewards possible of public and private investment.


ArtsLAB is … well, a participatory laboratory (not a “sit-and-listen” conference) that invites you to be a thought leader and be ready to share your perspectives, your insights, your best and novel practices, and actively participate in dialogue with your colleagues!

Here is the shape of the day:

  • Coffee! (and other things to keep your stomach from growling.)
  • Keynote Speech
  • An interactive panel discussion with members of the Maryland arts sector that will explore ideas about generational shifts with each other and the audience.
  • A networking lunch — Eat, work, talk, brainstorm, and prep for the afternoon.
  • Afternoon breakout sessions – Led by facilitators ready with questions and exercises that guide groups to new discoveries and solutions.
  • A wrap up – We will bring all three themes back together to share overall insights from the day that will impact your organization or projects moving forward?

Registration is just $15 (20% discount for teams of three or more). Here are some things you need to know now:

  • Registration is limited to 120 people, and the slots will be filled in the order that registrations are received. MCA will create a waiting list.
  • You must go through the ArtsLAB 2013 page to register with a Credit Card. (Call us if you need to pay by check — 410-467-6700).

WHY BRING an Inter-generational TEAM?
MCA encourages organizations to send teams of at least three to this event. There will be a 20% discount for TEAMS. Please consider bringing someone newer to the field, someone mid-career, and a veteran of the arts to round out your team. Think of the impact that a team’s multiple perspectives could have on capacity building for your organization, particularly when you consider our theme of “the generational shift.”

Help us develop ArtsLAB – an annual capacity building event for Maryland’s arts sector!!!
We need your participation throughout the day; and, we need your sincere and thoughtful feedback. It will be critical to the growth and lasting impacts of this annual event.


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