#Above4 COVID-19 Fund

In an effort to sustain black women’s contributions in the art industry during the COVID -19, TILA Studios is launching a recurring monthly fund beginning at $1,000 to support black women artists nationwide.

The fund supports black women artists nationwide who:

  • Experienced a stalled gig or paid creative job opportunity 
  • Lost of Income from day job being temporarily closed 
  • Stipend for On-Going Art Project with a Specific Purpose and Direction

The funding will occur monthly from April 2020 until August 2020. If we continue to witness and experience the economic impact of the COVID-19 we will continue awarding an unrestricted financial award until January 2021.

Funding Cycle:

  • Application must be received by the 1st of every month 
  • Funds will be distributed by the 15th every month via wire transfer 
  • If you are a recipient of the fund, you must wait 8 weeks until applying again
  • Request amount up to $500 per application


Purpose of the fund:

  • To initiate a national fund for black women artists for other black arts organizations and funders to help the Black Artists Community thrive 
  • To alleviate financial burden that black women artist are experiencing during COVID-19 
  • Help off-set bills, studio rent, mortgage, child-care, impacted creative projects or income streams
  • A stipend for artists with contracted gigs  that have now been stalled because of this crisis 
  • To build community and open a line of communications between arts administrators and artists 
  • To find creative solutions to empower black women artists

More information about the fund, including how to donate, is available at https://www.tilastudios.com/

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