Artwork by Sara Tomko

Join Station North Shines for a virtual “art walk” this Friday, May 22 from 5-7 PM!

Station North Shines will feature live and pre-recorded segments from artists, small businesses, and galleries.  It will be broadcast on Station North’s Facebook and Event Page live.

At this moment, artists across the world are adapting their practice to stay connected and continue making art. Station North is shining a light on artists who are finding unique ways to stay engaged and celebrate their work.

Over the next few months, Station North and Central Baltimore Partnership will be showcasing artists and businesses in the district through a virtual “art walk” the first Friday of each month. This first special evening will provide a taste of the incredible, handmade jewelry artists and makers within the district, along with a family-friendly how-to video from Open Works to make a Shadow Puppet Theater!

Elliot Keeley, studio manager with the Baltimore Jewelry Center will walk us through their current exhibit, Object Permanence, and explore the Metal Shop, featuring local and nationally recognized contemporary jewelers. Gina Tackett will guide us through her transformational shell casings-turned talisman jewelry, Jordan Faye Block will feature three artists’ work in her new yoga studio and gallery, Thrive Atelier, Designer Qwishuna Smith will spotlight Lobe’ Dangle, her haute couture leather accessory brand, and Open Works Education Manager, Laura Cohen, will demonstrate how to make a shadow puppet theater using materials from around your home. More artists will be featured in the coming months!

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