Station North, Central Baltimore Partnership and Asian Arts & Culture Center present the Asia North 2020 Festival as an online experience during the June Station North Shines virtual art walk!

Friday, June 5, 8-9 PM

The Asian Arts & Culture Center and the Central Baltimore Partnership in collaboration with Stillpointe Theatre, Charm City Night Market, Motor House, North Avenue Market, and several other community organizations originally planned the Asia North 2020 exhibition for April 4-May 9 and a festival with performances and an Underground Night Market in Graffiti Alley by Charm City Night Market for April 4. However, due to COVID-19, the festival has gone digital for the time-being, hosting the exhibit and virtual events like this one online. 

Catch a virtual taste of Asia North 2020 in this Station North Shines episode. To start, the evening will open with an introduction into the history of Station North’s Koreatown with footage of Mr. Kim’s long-standing Seoul Rice Cake Shop. Then hear from the curators about what it took to put this hugely collaborative festival together, including an exhibit featuring twenty-five regional Asian and Asian American artists. Finally, see and hear from four of the participating artists with close-ups of their work, their process, and a Q&A. Livestream on SNAD Facebook Page Friday June 5th at 8:00pm:

Asia North 2020: Tradition-Memory-Transformation
Twenty-five regional Asian and Asian American artists express, illustrate, and address the fusion of cultures, drawing from traditional art forms, memories of homeland, and more. Their works reveal different yet interconnected layers of experiences, histories and identities of artists whose cultural roots hail from China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan.
The online exhibit also includes a brief introduction to Baltimore’s first Koreatown and the Korean community in Greater Baltimore. Tradition-Memory-Transformation is part of Asia North 2020, a celebration of art, culture, and the Asian heritage of Greater Baltimore, especially the Korean history of Baltimore’s Charles North community. More info here.

Station North Shines
Over the next few months, Station North and Central Baltimore Partnership will be showcasing artists and businesses in the district through a virtual “art walk” the first Friday of each month. This first special evening will provide a taste of the incredible, handmade jewelry artists and makers within the district, along with a family-friendly how-to video from Open Works to make a Shadow Puppet Theater!

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