The term social distancing is a new and necessary part of our COVID-19 vocabulary. The concept keeps us safe but also keeps us apart. It has forced us to find new ways to engage with each other—to find ways to remain social but from a distance. The arts were made for this. Consider that while in a museum hopefully the art touches your heart, your soul, and your mind—you look but never physically touch. Music and performance art resonate physically though you only watch and listen. You may never share space with a poet or a writer, but you may share a deep and lasting connection with their words.

With the closure of places like art galleries, theaters, and even street theater in a time of social distancing—we still have opportunities to continue to share and be touched through cultural initiatives like BOPA’s #IAmBaltimoreArt featuring the work of Baltimore-based artists. As they share their work and words about their art, the initiative becomes a series of profound touches and a way to circumvent the confines of social distancing without risking our health. Learn more about #IAmBaltimoreArt and other cultural and community touches in this week’s BOPA newsletter.

Be well and stay safe and engaged—even from a distance.  

Donna Drew Sawyer

CEO, Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

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