Join School 33 on Friday, November 8th from 6PM – 9PM for the opening of three new exhibitions!

SKETCHBOOK: curated by René Treviño

SKETCHBOOK is an exciting interactive exhibit showcasing the sketchbooks of a wide range of artists from the Baltimore area and from throughout the United States. Curator René Treviño says: “As an artist and curator, I love the idea of sketchbooks; they function as a safe place for an artist to collect ideas, hone skills, brainstorm and plan. Often they become rich documents that reflect a specific time or period of development in an artist’s practice. This exhibit is a relatively informal presentation of around 100 sketchbooks created by nearly 40 artists and the public is invited to flip through them…There is a lot of history and energy preserved in these books; they feel powerful.”

Point/Counterpoint: a solo show by Jim Hillmann

School 33 Art Center is pleased to present Point/Counterpoint, a solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Lotta Art 2013 Best in Show winner Jim Hillmann. The sculptures are made of fabricated (plasma and laser-cut) steel and are often painted with automotive paints. Hillmann began making metal sculptures in 2006. They are explorations of form, scale and color and the motifs and gestures in the work reference architecture, the figure and nature, although the artist prefers to allow the viewer to come to their own conclusions as they view the abstract forms. This is Jim Hillmann’s first solo exhibit.

Coverture: an installation by Christine Billotte 

The term coverture can refer to both a woman’s legal status after marriage and to a protective or concealing shelter. Billotte describes her work as “visual songs of different psychological states of mind.” Coverture, an installation made of steel, monofilament, MDF and ceramics, is a physical space that can be entered and navigated. Within the installation the artist bombards the viewer with hundreds of suspended bright red ceramic cherries, at once obvious and subliminal. 

We hope to see you at the opening of these three exciting new exhibits on November 8th!

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