Share your story in just SIX WORDS!

What is YOUR most unforgettable museum experience?

FRESH—from the top of your head and the bottom of your heart—please give us a SIX-WORD testimony of what made your visit to a museum, a zoo, an aquarium or any cultural institution, simply UNFORGETTABLE!

Why just six words?
Legend has it that someone bet famed American writer Ernest Hemingway that he could not make up a whole new story using just six words. Hemingway shot back:

Some say Hemingway then proclaimed it his best work.

There are now six-word stories, poems, jokes, memoirs, protests and mottos. They constitute wonderfully readable, creatively informative expressions. During Baltimore Museum Week, your six words will join thousands of others to become part of a sculpture in the Baltimore Convention Center.  By submitting your six words, anonymously or with your name, you acknowledge and agree that they can be used for education and promotional purposes without compensation.

Submit Your Six-Words Here!


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