There have been a few great articles about public art recently published that get into the tricky issues of how public art is produced in various American cities. These are well researched and reasoned arguments and well worth the read!

The Washington City Paper investigates how public input was sought into the 5×5 public art festival by the DC Commision of the Arts and Humanities HERE.

Artist Mia Feuer

Artist Mia Feuer


The Minneapolis Post writes about the politicized de-funding of their public art program for 2015 and all the related fallout of how public art can factor into a city’s desire to be perceived as a creative city- story linked HERE.



Review of new public art projects in Lansing, Michigan HERE.



Debates over the possible de-accessioning of a Robert Irwin sculpture in Dallas, via Artnew news- article HERE.




Buffalo, New York working to combine public art projects with classrooms in their city schools, article HERE.


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