On July 4, and running through Election Day, Quarry Theatre will premiere The Discourse Project, a filmed theatrical endeavor exploring the themes of democracy, freedom, and equality. The Discourse Project will feature actors from across the United States performing prominent speeches and historical documents as our country is faced with re-evaluating its current national identity.

With weekly uploads to the following social media platforms, Quarry Theatre will present this video content in hopes of evoking a community discourse about the future of our nation leading up to the presidential election on November 3, 2020.

YouTube: Quarry Theatre

FacebookTwitter: @quarrytheatre

Instagram: @quarrytheatrebaltimore

TikTok: @quarrytheartre


The Discourse Project is conceived and directed by Ryan Clark.

Quarry Theatre, a Baltimore-based theatre company, creates authentic works of performance that reflect the issues surrounding today’s socio-political climate. Collaged from the excavation and examination of significant textual and statistical evidence as well as an array of media sources, Quarry Theatre productions defy genre and connect with audiences through provocative storytelling. For more information, please visit www.quarrytheatre.com.

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