The Oral History Organization (OHA) is a national association of diverse professionals who seek to advance the practice of oral history in historical and cultural organizations, in education at all levels, and in multiple documentary forms. OHA’s 2020 meeting was originally scheduled to take place in Baltimore this fall; however, because of the ongoing pandemic, the program will be delivered virtually via Zoom and other platforms, October 19-24. 

The Local Arrangements Committee is also working hard to retain a sense of place and support oral history in the region. As a way of reaching out to people, communities, and organizations in greater Baltimore and Maryland, they are sponsoring two interactive, on-line oral history workshops in October, prior to the conference:

Introduction to Oral History – Saturday October 3, 9am-1:30pm ET; and Sunday, October 4, 3:30-6:45pm ET (2 sessions, 7 hours) – conducted via Zoom

Oral History in the Classroom – Saturday, October 17, 10am-1pm ET  (1 session, 3 hours) – also conducted via Zoom

Whether you’re interested in beginning an oral history project for your family, community, church, organization, or school, or if you’re a librarian or archivist who works with oral histories, the workshops are great opportunities to learn more about the oral history process in an interactive, small-group format online. Workshops will be delivered via Zoom.

Registration to the above two virtual local workshops is now open to those who live or work in Maryland or attend a Maryland school, college, or university.

Visit the following link to learn more about the workshops and to register:

The full conference schedule is available to download here.

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