There are more artists coming to Baltimore every year, especially emerging artists, who need a space to make their work and call their own. Started in 2014 by Lydia Pettit, Platform Arts Center aims to create a welcoming environment to each and every person that walks through its doors, utilizing the warm feeling of the 1830’s row home on Mulberry St. With 13 affordable studios, a gallery on the storefront first floor, and a woodshop in the basement, PAC provides everything a young artist needs to feel integrated in the arts community. Platform Gallery is versatile, offering a space for performance, conversation, programming, and exhibitions that are fully accessible to those in the arts and the public alike. PAC is about art and conversation for everyone, and a space for emerging artists to expand and develop their practice.

Open 10am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday!


Alicia Ciambrone

Nicole Dyer

Rebekah Kirkman

Marisa LaGuardia

Lydia Pettit

Ally Siberkeit


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