Fields is a camping, music, and arts festival at the Ramblewood campgrounds in Darlington, Maryland on August 22, 23, and 24, 2014.

This festival is an immersive experience of the DIY artist community from Baltimore and will include over 60 local and out-of-town bands, performance art, dance, plays, comedy, film, sound and visual installations, and special food presentations throughout the campgrounds.

This three-day event features many baltimore musicians: Dan Deacon, Matmos, Flock of Dimes, Horse Lords, Nautical Almanac, Zomes, Microkingdom, DJ Dog Dick, Abdu Ali, Chiffon, Ghost Life, Lizz King, Vlonde, Mole Suit Choir, Miconids, Sick Din, and fifty or so other acts. Along with all of those, there are plenty of filmmakers, artists, and dancers and more.

Tickets go on sale June 19. The first 50 tickets will cost $50 , and then after that, the advance ticket price is $65. Tickets at the gate go for $85. There will also be a small cabins to rent at $20 for the weekend.

For more information visit their website http://www.fieldsfestival.com/

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