Unfamiliar with the Charm City Fringe Fest? Well the third time’s the charm. The theatre and performing arts festival is expanding for the third time in as many years. Learn more about the cutting-edge festival at http://charmcityfringe.com. There you will find schedules of performances, free events, and important festival info!

CCF 2014 poster 3_3

Festival 5 W’s: Basic information on the festival:
Who: Charm City Fringe (www.CharmCityFringe.com)
What: The 3rd annual Charm City Fringe Fest. New, up-and-coming, cutting-edge theatre and performing artists from Baltimore and the surrounding area, as well as established artists looking to try something new or reach a different audience, come together for a week of original, exciting live entertainment!
When: November 2-9, 2014
Where: Station North, Mount Vernon, Hampden
Why: Baltimore already has heaps of “fringe” theatre and arts. We’re here to celebrate these artists and offer a collective platform to showcase their works for new and different audiences.
How: Learn more about fringe, it’s artists, and what you want to see here: 

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