J.M. Giordano.                                                                                                                 Photo: J. Lucio

Good stuff going on at Creative Alliance tonight!

5-30pm- J. M. Giordano – Wonderland Exhibit Opening
Alessandra Torres Open studio
7pm Cocktails!

8pm Blood Red Kisses, White Hot Thrills Performance!
Short snappy funny film noir spoofs plus a seriously sultry torch singer who will make you feel you’re in a nightclub straight out of the 1940s. 7pm cocktails, 8pm show, tickets are 15 dollars.

But wait, there’s more!

Friday’s event is a “teaser” for the film-noir themed Creative Alliance costume Marquee Ball on Saturday, April 20. (In the photos promoting the Ball you’ll also recognize me as the “femme fatale”). Come to the Marquee Ball on April 20 decked out in those 1940s fedoras and slinky black dresses, and have a night to remember!

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