BOPA is organizing a series of artist-designed games called FIELD DAY for Artscape 2014, to be played on Charles Street this summer, July 18-20. There is a budget of $500 to $1500 for each accepted project, to be juried by Michael Benevento, Jason Corace and Andrew Liang. The full call for entry is available HERE.

For some ideas and inspiration, there are a number outdoor game-themed festivals in the United States and Europe with many examples of how your participatory games, activities, performances and competitions could take shape and actually function at Artscape.

Come Out and Play (New York and San Francisco):

City of Play Festival (Pittsburgh, PA):

Igfest (Bristol, England):

Plaython (Athens, Greece):

Playpublik (Berlin, Germany):



Consider some of these examples as possible directions for a project at Artscape- there are some elements to consider for a successful FIELD DAY project:  can your project work on Charles Street (and not on a grass field); is there a strong visual element or presence to the physical object(s) as part of the project; if you require space, is there an element that can keep the general public out of the way; can everything be loaded in an out easily; and, if you will need help staffing your project, have you factored that into your budget and proposal? These are issues we can help sort out with you, but for now, check these out!

P.O.S.E. : Can you out-P.O.S.E. your friend? A simple, competitive game for two players to see whose body, face, and form can be twisted into the most outrageous expressions of humanity.


Flagstaff:  A soccer-style football game with a massive flagpole for a goal. Flagstaff Football is a sport with a single, central flagpole for a goal. Teams can kick and catch the ball in order to line up the perfect shot. Flagstaff plays a bit like Australian Rules Football, with a similar system of “Marking the ball.” The team that last caught a kicked ball is on offense, and the other team is on defense. Each time offense and defense switch, the game ticks closer to the end!

Roaming Gnomes Welcome to the intersection of Gmane Street and Gninth Avenue, the most trafficked area of Gnometopolis… during the lunchtime rush… on the busiest Gnome holiday of the year, Gnu Years Eve. Your team’s job is to get the Gnomes and their things to exactly where they need to be as quickly as possible – unfortunately, everything is written in Gnomish. Can your team make all the right moves before time runs out?

Cover_ for one and one for all-01

All for One and One for All: A physical game of collaboration and dexterity. Three Knights, One Castle, Lots of Fun! The three Acritic Guards join forces to protect the acritic villages from attacks by the bandit hordes. United, they can lift the battering ram to siege the bandit camps and keep the villages safe. This game is an accessible game and encourages everyone from 5 to 99 years old to participate. Fast-paced 3D-guidance game, nurturing co-operation and trust. Played by teams of three players in open spaces.

Steal And Build: Can you build castles in the city? Put your team together, pick a role, build your fortress and wipe out your opponents. Make them run for their lives. In “Steal and Build”, defenders and thieves compete in building and protecting their colorful fort. Bur beware! Under the bricks there are hidden kleptomaniac knights, lustful princesses and mischievous dragons whose only wish is to make your life hard. Fear not: ignore city planning and build your fortresses in the center of Athens!
Hide and Seek: Hundreds of real-world games in a single app… There are hundreds of Tiny Games to discover – for family picnics, Tiny Games for long walks through the city, games for the pub – and we will be adding new games and features all the time. We’re working really hard to make sure that the games are straightforward and easy to understand – the maximum amount of fun for the minimum amount of rule-reading.The app builds on our five years’ experience making games for people to play together, and from the Tiny Games we’ve designed and installed in London over the last two years.
Kung-Fu FlamingosBring Honor to Your Flock. The premise of Kung Fu Flamingoes is simple: hop ’til you drop. Players enter the arena, stand on one foot, and wait for the music to begin. Once the game starts, it is your imperative to be the last ‘flamingo’ standing… By. Any. Means. Necessary. Well, that is, as long as you hold onto your leg with both hands, stay inside the arena, and don’t bite anyone — you know, because flamingoes don’t have teeth.

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