This year’s Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize competition has been unlike any other. A complete pivot to a virtual exhibition allowed us to continue this Baltimore tradition in a new way, and gave our six finalists the opportunity to reimagine their galleries for a digital platform. We are so thrilled with the outcome of the Finalists’ Exhibition, and we hope you’ll take time to virtually visit each gallery throughout the summer.

This weekend, the competition comes to a close as we celebrate our dynamic arts community at the virtual award ceremony. There is so much talent within the creative communities of the Baltimore region, and this competition allows us to support and invest in the careers of these artists by awarding a $25,000 fellowship grand prize from a BOPA endowment and $2,500 each for the Finalists for the M&T Bank Finalist award. We support artists and fund their craft so that they may focus on their work and our arts communities may continue to grow.

Join us on Saturday, July 25 at 7pm on the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts’ YouTube and Facebook pages for the Sondheim Artscape Prize Ceremony. You’ll hear directly from each of our finalists, Miguel Braceli, Hoesy Corona, Phylicia Ghee, Muriel Hasbun, LaToya M. Hobbs, and the artist group strikeWare; as well as Laure Drogoul, the first Sondheim Artscape Prize winner, and the 2019 winner Akea Brionne Brown. This award is a fifteen-year tradition in Baltimore and a special night for our arts community. Don’t forget to tour the galleries before joining us for big announcement of this year’s winner! 

I will look for you on Saturday!

Donna Drew Sawyer
CEO, Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

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