The JCC of Greater Baltimore and Gordon Center for Performing Arts seek local artists to be a special part of a community wide Russian Cultural Event by painting a small set of wooden Russian Matryoshka Dolls in their own personal style, color, medium. These dolls will be on display in the Gordon Center gallery for the whole community to see during a 10-day celebration in October. Then the dolls will be placed into a silent auction that will help support ongoing Russian cultural events. We expect over 30 local artists to be involved with this project and many hundreds of patrons and community members to have the opportunity to see these pieces during the 10-day celebration.  The dolls are available for pick-up at the Owings Mills JCC and need to be returned, fully painted along with a brief artist statement by September 15th. For more information or to request to be involved, please let me know.  For more info, contact Randi Benesch at or 410-559-3609.



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