Hot Walls

In the HOT WALLS series, Luminous Intervention aims to work with Baltimore artists to create video projected murals to be presented in Baltimore neighborhoods. All artists are welcome to apply. Using our large-scale video projection equipment, we will work with artists to turn walls or buildings into animated surfaces full of light, color and local creativity. Digital skills are a plus, but not required. We are happy to work with artists to turn non-digital visual artwork into a digital video projection.  We encourage applications from artists of any age (youth to elders and all in between).

As members of Luminous Intervention, we want to share our digital video equipment and meet other artists in Baltimore.  We have found that large-scale projections are attention grabbing and can gather people together for sharing stories, envisioning creative futures, inspiring critical discussion, and voicing concerns. We believe that the arts should reflect all of our lived experiences, not just the experiences of those connected to powerful institutions.

Luminous Intervention can offer a modest stipend to participating artists. We will also contribute our time and labor for running the projection equipment.  Artists will choose where in Baltimore to project their HOT WALLS artwork.  Artists are encouraged to project in their own neighborhoods, but that is not required.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis starting July 6, 2014.
HOT WALLS will begin presenting artists’ projections in September 2014.

The simple online application can be found at 

For more information or questions, please:
visit our website (
email us (
or join us for one of our Informations Sessions where you can ask us questions in person or talk to us your ideas.

Information Sessions:

Wednesday, July 23 at 7pm at the SNAED Chicken Box (corner of North Ave + Charles St)

Thursday, July 24 at 6pm at Jubilee Arts (1947 Pennsylvania Ave)

Saturday, July 26 at 2pm at School 33 Arts Center (1427 Light St)

Please check our website ( for additional locations

What the HOT WALLS might look like:

* paintings or drawings made into a digital animation or light-mural

* “movie night” with neighborhood residents, complete with popcorn

* candlelit vigils for important local figures from the past

* growing projected flowers onto an otherwise abandoned lot

* dance performances that include a projected partner

* emphasizing the importance of historical locations

* your digital, or non-digital, artwork

* poetry text, scrolling on a wall or building

* your video art scaled up to building-size

About Luminous Intervention

Luminous Intervention is an artist collective that uses large-scale video projections in public spaces to highlight social and economic issues. We formed in 2012 to creatively support local and national activism, provoke critical dialogue, and interject powerful imagery onto familiar city edifices. Building facades, bridges, and other urban structures become backdrops for temporary video projections. Over the last two years, we have completed almost thirty different projections.

One of our aims is to collaborate with artists and community activist groups to support and amplify social justice messages, such as demanding fair labor practices, dismantling rape culture, banning armed drones, ending the school to prison pipeline, and creating alternatives to unfair development. We also work towards supporting neighborhood health and relationships through documenting community stories. In the past we have collaborated with the United Workers, Baltimore Redevelopment Action Coalition for Empowerment, FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, Communities for All Ages, Witness Against Torture, Backbone Campaign, Johns Hopkins Human Rights Working Group, and many others.

If you have questions about HOT WALLS, please contact Luminous Intervention at

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