Monday, September 17 – Monday, October 22


Vox Populi is accepting applications for Guest Artists and Curated Exhibitions 
now through Monday, October 22, 2018 at 11:59pm.
The application is available via Slideroom.
The application fee is $35.
A floor plan of Vox Populi’s gallery spaces is available to download.
About The Open Call
During its 30th year of existence, Vox Populi is pleased to announce our annual open call to guest artists, curators and collaborators to extend and challenge their artistic practice. We are seeking applications for exhibitions by national and international artists, curators, and collaborators from outside the larger Philadelphia area and without commercial representation, who want to find new audiences.
Vox Populi is interested in proposals that take place in experimental media and employ alternative methodologies, pushing boundaries in terms of form and content. We seek work that takes risks, is ambitious, timely, and experimental.

Vox Populi accepts applications for solo exhibitions by individuals or collective proposals to show in one of our four gallery spaces. We cannot accept requests for a specific gallery. Selected guests are expected to arrange for their installation and deinstallation. Upon acceptance, the work(s) must be ready and available to exhibit in 2019. Vox Populi’s membership will select and group submitted projects. Selected proposals will receive an honorarium of $500.
Submission Guidelines
Artists can submit available works (1-10 work samples) for exhibition or specific proposals; site-specific installation proposals for new works must include images of previous works or installations.
Please note, this is an opportunity for artists, curators and collaborators living outside of the greater Philadelphia region to gain exposure with a Philadelphia audience. Vox Populi will only consider applications outside of a 50 mile radius from the city.
Application fee is $35.
Note on Fees: The money collected from this open call is used to fund the selected guest exhibitions. Your application and payment is directly supporting the work of fellow artists and Vox Populi’s gallery space. While Vox Populi would ideally offer its open calls free-of-charge, our budget does not currently allow us to do so. Thank you for your understanding!
More details on the application process, including types of media files accepted, can be found via Slideroom.
More information on past and current work Vox has supported can be found in our exhibition archive.
Application Timeline
Application Deadline: Monday, October 22, 2018 at 11:59pm
Notification: November 2018
Exhibitions: two month exhibitions TBA 2019
Questions? Contact:
No phone calls please!


Vox Populi is a Philadelphia-based arts collective supporting the challenging and
experimental work of emerging and underrepresented contemporary artists. For 30
years, Vox Populi has brought audiences cutting-edge arts programming, while
fostering a supportive environment for artists, curators, and writers to take risks, engage
diverse communities, and launch their professional careers.
Vox Populi was founded in 1988. A loose-knit group of Philadelphia artists decided to
call a citywide open meeting to discuss non-existent artistic opportunities and to
propose a remedy through self-organization. This first meeting for Vox occurred in a
space located on the second floor of 622 S. 4th Street. At the meeting, Vox Populi was
formed, and thirty members joined the new collective.
Questions? Contact Danny Orendorff:
For more detailed information on the juried exhibition, and for our full program of events, visit our website.

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