Request for Qualifications: Colorado State University – Chemistry Building and Science Quad

Total Budget:
Deadline: November 7, 2016
Applications can be submitted via CallforEntry.org, here.

Qualifications are requested from artists and/or artist teams interested in creating a site-specific exterior public artwork or series of artworks for Colorado State University’s new Chemistry Building and Science Mall. Opportunities for this call include the exterior grass area to the north of the building along Pitkin Street, a main campus artery, and on the south side of the building in the science mall area. The committee is interested in an artwork or artworks that operate on campus scale and can activate the green space in and around the science quad. Upon completion, the science quad will be one of the few green quads on campus, and will be highly trafficked and active. The committee is open to both a single, large scale artwork and multiple artworks in a series engaging with multiple sizes.  The artwork(s) should speak to the science quad as a whole, and the entirety of CSU’s Natural Sciences programs, so an artwork that can engage within a space with multiple buildings, up to 4 stories, is preferred.
More images of the project can be seen here and full call is attached.

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