The First World Congress of the Missing Things
Baltimore, June 7-8, 2014, 10 am–5 pm

The First World Congress of the Missing Things develops a new format for a congress creating a spatial setup which offers a non-hierarchical communication, thus turning around the usual format of congresses which is dominated by a divide between the “panel” and the “audience”. In this congress a one-to-one communication is enhanced and topics will be presented simultaneously.
There is no differentiation between “experts” and “audience”. By asking the public to shape its content, the Congress emphasizes the democratic right of participating in public decision-making and in shaping our society. „The First World Congress of the Missing Things“ wants to counteract a divided society and dominant decision making: Therefore please make use of this public art project that will communicate your issues on a broad local, national and international level.

Open Call – Submit your issues of “Missing Things” and shape the Congress
Deadline: June 1, 2014

Submit your “missing things” – there are no restrictions to topics, but you should present your issue personally (or delegate it to another person) during the congress. This congress will be directed by the people of Baltimore: You are the society of Baltimore and can shape it!
We ask the public of Baltimore to submit whatever you consider „missing“ in your daily private or public life.
“missing things” are up to your interpretation – no matter how personal or public, poetic, desperate or utopian they might be.

Barbara Holub (University of Applied Arts Vienna/ Austria)

you can submit your issues by email:

or personally at the congress office at Current Space:
421 N Howard | Baltimore, MD 21201

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