The Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City PUBLIC ART PRIZE: Call for Entries

Application deadline – Friday, September 30, 2016

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc. (BOPA) is proud to announce the first edition of the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City Public Art Prize, sponsored by the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City (MASOB). The Municipal Art Society of Baltimore was founded in 1899 as part of the City Beautiful movement. It is one of only two remaining societies to be operating under its original charter “to provide sculptural and pictorial decoration and ornaments for the public buildings, streets and open spaces in the City of Baltimore, and to help generally beautify the City.” Artistic contributions to the City span more than one hundred years. In 2016 the MASOB embarks on a path to provide new opportunities to Baltimore artists and art places within the City. This prize will award $30,000 to a visual artist or visual artist collaborators, living and working within 100 miles of Baltimore City.

Each year the MASOB Public Art Prize will be awarded based on proposals for a temporary public art project from artists, with the selected artist producing their proposed project with their budget from the awarded funds. For 2016, the site is the Clifton Park Valve House, 2701 St Lo Dr, Baltimore, MD 21213.

Application Process

The Municipal Art Society of Baltimore Public Art Prize will be accepting online applications at the following link:

You will be asked to submit the following:

Written Proposal (two pages page max, PDF only) Describe your project as fully as possible, including conceptual and formal elements and how it relates to your work, along with a brief narrative of the practical elements of installing and deinstalling the project, how it will be made, etc.

Resume (three pages max, PDF only)


  • Artists must submit 10 images of their work most relevant to their proposal, which should include renderings the proposed project and work produced in the past by the artist that related to this proposed project.
  • Images should be in jpeg format, and not be larger than 1 MB. (1240×900 pixels, 72 dpi)
  • Please label your images last name, first name and number corresponding to your image list (example: DoeJane_01.jpg,, etc)
  • Image of the Valve House can be found at this link, please feel free to use these images for your proposal or use your own.


Artists wishing to submit video work in lieu of images may do so by submitting 5 to 10 links to their videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc, or submit video directly to the application. Videos should not exceed two minutes; you do not need to submit your whole project. Pick a representative sample that will give jurors a good example of your work.

Image/Video list (one page max, PDF only) List title, media, year produced, and any narrative information for the jurors.

Project Budget Please use the attached budget form and provide the most realistic budget for your proposed project. Do not feel compelled to pad your travel with the highest number of locations or quantity of travel- the budget should reflect the needs as described in your statement, and the most realistic use of the funds.

Click here to download budget form.


  1. Artists living within 100 miles of Baltimore are eligible.
  2. Artists should propose projects that would be temporary, i.e. would be on display for a limited period of time. Depending on your budget, this period of time could vary from one day to three months, this period of time will be a factor for the jury to pick a winning project. There will be some flexibility in this period of time from proposal to the realization of the project, but substantially shortening your proposed duration will jeopardize your project and receiving funds.
  3. Artists will be allowed minor changes from the proposed project to final project, but any major changes must be approved by the board members of the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City.
  4. Artists must be at least 21 years old, and may not be full-time students or enrolled in a degree-granting program at the time of the granting period, August 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017. (although current seniors and last semester graduate students are encouraged to apply)
  5. Artists who apply as individuals must submit original artwork or artwork proposals that are principally created by them.  It is understood that sometimes individual artists may employ the work of another artist to complete a larger scale project. For example, an artist who works in video may choose to include sound in the video that is composed by another artist.  In such cases, the individual artist applying to the MAS Public Art Prize must be the primary creator of the work, they must disclose any assistance received on artwork submitted for consideration and they must obtain permission from the contributor to submit the work for consideration.  Failure to disclose this support will disqualify the applicant, and the artist will be required to return any prize monies awarded.
  6. Upon’s receipt of application materials, artists will be sent an automatic email confirmation.  If an artist does not receive this confirmation within 48 hours, please contact Lou Joseph at
  7. The award will be paid in three installments. $10,000 will be paid upon signing a contract with BOPA, wherein the artist agrees to the guidelines outlined here. The second payment ($15,000) will be paid once travel plans are confirmed with receipts. The third payment ($5,000) will be paid upon the completion, exhibition and removal of the temporary project.
  8. Winners of the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City Public Art Prize will be responsible for paying all applicable federal, state and local taxes.
  9. Winners of the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City Public Art Prize will be required to file a final report by December 31, 2017. This report should include an explanation of how winning this prize has enabled the artist or artist collaborative group to further develop their work, as well as an explanation of any additional opportunities that may have arisen as a result of winning this prize.
  10. The Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City and BOPA reserve the right to reproduce images of applicants’ work for printed or internet publicity, catalogue or marketing purposes.
  11. The decisions of the jurors are final.  The jury consists of the members of the board of the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City, and  jurors/board members may change without notification.
  12. BOPA and Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City Board members, employees and/or Immediate family (defined as children, spouse, domestic partner or parents) are not eligible to apply for the MASOB Public Art Prize.

Estimated Timeline

  • Monday, June 30, 2016: Call for entries released
  • August 2016: Information meeting with BOPA staff at the Clifton Park Mansion (date and time TBD)
  • Friday, September 30, 2016: Application deadline
  • October 2016: MASOB Public Art Prize recipient announced
  • Spring/Summer 2017: Exhibition of public art project with reception.

For more information about the Travel Prize contact: Lou Joseph at 443-263-4339 or

For more information about the Municipal Art Society of Baltimore City, contact: Peter Doo at

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