LabBodies CALL FOR ARTISTS: deadline August 31st 2014


Labbodies + Transmodern Festival + Subbasement Gallery = OVER UNDER LIMBO 2014

Labbodies Performance Laboratory is teaming up with Transmodern Festival and Subbasement Gallery to produce our most ambitious lab night yet, OVER UNDER LIMBO!

The Labbodies team will transform Subbasement Gallery into a cavernous entry/exit point to the shadowy world of Over Under Limbo, a mercurial world populated by national, regional and local Performance Artists for two nights only! We will incorporate both the Garden of Elysium, The River Styx and other nooks and crannies of the domain of Hades into our installation.

Over Under Limbo, is an exploration of the space in between the underworld and paradise (limbo). Hades, is the god of the underworld, but the underworld is not all dark and dreary. The story of Hades and Persephone is well known. But what would happen if Persephone took control? How would the story end if she had the power over her sexuality and the underworld were ruled by her?

Performance artists from near and afar are encouraged to submit proposals for performance works that includes the mythology of the Underworld, any narratives that include Hades, Persephone, or any of the Gods (greek or otherwise) whose stories you want to re-tell through experimental performance art (short and durational, installation, projections, spoken word, dance, song etc). Both emerging and established performance artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

Show Dates:
Friday Sept 26th and Saturday Sept 27th 2014

To Apply:
Please email the following to with the subject: LIMBO.. by SEPTEMBER 1st, 2014

1. Short Bio
2. proposal (1 page)
3. Tech needs
4. 2 hi-resolution images that best represent your work.

About LabBodies: LABBODIES is a Performance Art Laboratory in Baltimore MD dedicated to showcasing artists who work-out in the arena of Performance Art*.

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