Deadline: September 1st 2017 (MIDNIGHT ET)


noun: freedom
the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
“do we have freedom of choice?”

absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.
“he was a champion of freedom”

independence, self-government, self-determination, self-rule, home rule, sovereignty, nonalignment, autonomy; democracy
“revolution is the only path to freedom”
the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved “the shark thrashed its way to freedom”

Synonyms:   liberty, liberation, release, deliverance, delivery, discharge; literary disenthrallment; Historical manumission -“a desperate bid for freedom”


noun: liberation; plural noun: liberations
the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release. 
“the liberation of all political prisoners”

freedom from limits on thought or behavior.
“the struggle for women’s liberation”

LabBodies is currently accepting proposals for it’s third annual performance art review: FREEDOM, November 1 – 29, 2017, at SpaceCamp. 

For its third iteration of Boundaries, Borders and Barricades Performance Art Review, Labbodies invites proposals from artists from the DMV area for site-specific installations, live performances, video projections and new media work to address topics related to freedom.

Project proposals should examine the concept of freedom in 21st century, searching for liberation or freedom in the face of extreme oppression. Artists are encouraged to examine moments in history where freedom is sparse and preserved for only a few citizens in the United States. 

Sexual freedom, physical freedom, psychological freedom, racial freedom, and economic freedom. 

How do the isms of our society interact with the state of being that is free? What does it reveal about our society? What comes with freedom? What does freedom look like in the context of the past, present and future? How do we obtain freedom? We seek proposals that examine any and all of these questions. 

Submissions must be submitted by September, 1 2017. Selections will be made by the Labbodies Team and notified no later than September 15th, 2017

Selected artists will receive a $500 honorarium to produce new work. Proposals are welcome from visual and performance artists from DMV area. Strong consideration for artists of color, non-binary, LGBTQP who feel that they have been marginalized or disenfranchised from traditional presentations of art. 


-To submit please send the following application requirements: 500 word proposal, 200 word bio, budget here: Application Form 

-Additionally, please email 5 Image samples (photo and video), one image must be a sketch of proposed work to with your name_freedom in the subject line.


Call for Artists – August 6th – September 1st 2017 
Application Deadline: September 1st, 2017 (MIDNIGHT ET)
Artists Notified: September 15th, 2017 
Exhibition/Performance: Nov 1st-Nov 29th 2017

Sponsored in part by an Andy Warhol Foundation Grit Fund Grant, administered by The Contemporary 

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