Kahlon is looking for Baltimore based black and brown artists to participate in an upcoming exhibition entitled Proximity to Dead Skin. This show will be the second installment of Kahlon: The Cut Up series and will take place at EMP Collective on February 4th, 2017. This exhibition will showcase artists working in performance, video, and new genres.

We asking press, creative leaders, and creative institutions in Baltimore to spread the word about this open call on their platforms and forward this email to other networks you think will have an interest in this. We have attached a image to post on IG/social media and a pdf for guideline reference.

In this exhibition we arrive at the Proximity to Dead Skin as a way to describe a daily existence. Living as the other in corrupted and spoiled environments; the distance to the end or the beginning–the dead skin–tends to be closer to us. This proximity within itself, is a ring that we inhabit that is not of death, but is living on the edge of a very specific brink, in which our lives could be ended due to forces or systems outside of our control. How does one react to such a circumstance? How do you consider evolution and progress given the length at which we have reinforced our humanity and confronted the opposition? – Curators, Abdu Ali + Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in participating please email back by December 5. Please see below for the application guidelines:

*Link to website, if applicable

*Artist Statement

– Please tell us about your work. Consider what your work currently accomplishes and where you see it growing (500 WORD MAX).


— Submit up to 10 images of artwork that support your artist statement and Images should be saved as .jpg, 72dpi, and sized to 1200 pixels on the longest dimension. Files should not be larger than 5MB, and saved with the following filename: LastName_FirstName_ArtworkTitle_Medium_Year

— In the case of video work, please submit no more than 3 videos. You can upload .mov, .wmv, .flv, or .mp4 files that are no larger than 60MB each or you can link to an uploaded streamable video on YouTube or Vimeo. If the video is password protected, please share the password with us in the artwork checklist.

Application Deadline: Tuesday, December 5th, 11:59PM EST

All documents, with the exception of the artworks, should be in .pdf format

Please send completed applications in a zipped file to info4kahlon@gmail.com, with the subject “Name – Kahlon – Submission”. With any questions or concerns, please email info4kahlon@gmail.com as well.

What we will provide:

*Electronic Devices:

We will provide projectors and DVD/DIVX players for the show.

*Installation & Shipping:

Our curators & assistants will install your work(s) according to your installation guidelines.

Questions? Please contact us!

Email contact: info4kahlon@gmail.com

More about Kahlon and The Cut Up Series:

Do to the desperate need of interesting and diverse arts programming in Baltimore’s arts and culture scene and nightlife, Kahlon is coming back as The Cut Up Series, a mini music arts festival in three installments that will occur throughout the year at different locations in Baltimore. The Proximity to Dead Skin is the 2nd installment.

Kahlon challenges the boundaries of genre specific music events by presenting new wave artists with distinctive styles on one stage to a rich influx of music enthusiasts in order to cultivate a fresh take on traditional showcasing.

Kahlon was inspired by the lack of creative platforms for underrepresented people like the LGBTQI community, womyn, and people of color. In 2014 Abdu Ali teamed up with Lawrence Burney, Chanel Cruz, and DJ Genie to start Kahlon to create a more inclusive event that represented the diversity of the creative world within Baltimore City. We really strive to bring emerging talent to Kahlon, both local and non-local, and to ensure freshness and progress. For the past two years Kahlon has had many musicians play such as, Princess Nokia, Juliana Huxtable and Dan Deacon, as well as beautiful art installations from Jedicom. Kahlon has continued to sell out, popular Baltimore music venue, The Crown, thus gaining a concrete following in the Baltimore and the DMV region.

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