Are you a performing arts or arts service organization seeking a new, strategic response to a complex challenge?

Apply to the Innovation Lab by May 30!

Eight organizations from across the country will be selected for two final rounds of our Innovation Lab, our 16-month-long immersion programs for arts and arts service organizations seeking to uncover adaptive responses to their most complex challenges.

Selected organizations will form a core Innovation Team, attend a 5-day residential retreat to accelerate their projects, and each receive $30,000 in change capital (plus $9,000 in unrestricted funds) to support the prototyping and evaluation of their strategies before fully launching them.

These programs are designed and managed by EmcArts, and made possible with the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF)Download the press release.

Round 9 of the Innovation Lab for the Performing Arts is open to nonprofit producing and presenting organizations in theater, modern or contemporary dance, and jazz (including multidisciplinary college-based presenters). Download the RFP for Round 9.

Round 2 of the Innovation Lab for Arts Development Agencies is open to organizations that provide services in support of the ongoing development of an arts discipline, a particular area of arts activities, and/or its organizations and practitioners. These agencies must serve individuals or organizations in the disciplines of theater, modern and contemporary dance, jazz, or multidisciplinary arts. Download the RFP for Round 2.

The deadline for proposals to both rounds of the Innovation Labs is Friday, May 30, 2014.

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