In an effort to create a safer and more welcoming entrance point to our neighborhood, our community proposes substantial improvements to the Guilford Avenue bridge. These improvements include benches, lighting and murals.
This Request For Proposals is specifically for the MURAL portion of our project.

Artists do not need to have created murals in the past to apply, but having a history of or knowledge of outdoor and large scale work is helpful. This will be a ground level mural project, thus, all ages and community groups are strongly encouraged to apply


Both the east and west facing solid metal fencing on the Guilford Bridge (approximately the 1400 Block) are the available surfaces for murals.This bridge crosses the northeast corridor of the Amtrak railroad lines. Additionally, the sidewalks are also available if so desired by the applicant, however, priority of the RFP project should be given to the fence surfaces.No specific subject matter is required and all fully filled out proposals will be reviewed, however
submissions should reflect something appealing to the area and its residents. To learn more about Greenmount West and Station North Arts & Entertainment District.

● A $3000.00 fee shall be provided to the artist or artist group or $1500.00 per bridge side if two separate artist/ artist groups’ designs are chosen to complete the project.
● Fence walls are 8 feet tall and are constructed of solid metal panels.
● The East fence is approximately 150 ft long and spans the bridge over the Amtrak railway.
● The West fence is approximately 120 ft long and spans the bridge over the Amtrak railway.
● Priming of Fence Walls will be done by Greenmount West Community prior to mural painting.
● Graffiti Clear Coating of Fence Walls will be done by Greenmount West Community after the mural has been completed by artist or artist group.
● ALL paint and painting materials will be provided for the artists for this project. (please provide list of materials needed)
● Some assistance with painting may be provided if desired.*** ( this may be a variety of community partners – skilled and unskilled people of all ages eager to be part of the project)
● Submissions due by November 15th 2017
● Notification of winning design end of November 2017
● Work to commence December 2017

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