Gallery 788’s Spectrum 2nd Queer Art Show is looking for queer and queer friendly artists in all media: artists in all media, photographers, musicians, performance artists, film, video, etc. Information is below.

Society is strange in its contradictory push for individuality and conformity. Scared to be the same as everybody else because it could mean mediocrity – yet afraid to be too different because it could mean risking acceptance. So we cover ourselves out of shame and fear. We live our lives behind partially drawn curtains, shining light only on the parts of ourselves we have deemed good enough to love.

Gallery 788 invites everyone to pull back those curtains and unite the parts of ourselves that make us whole. Come celebrate the uniqueness in ourselves and in others and share in the love that makes us one-in-the-same at Spectrum: G788’s 2nd Annual Queer Art Show.

Spectrum in its modern usage means there is a unifying theme at either end. We need more moments that cross the line of conformity to unite and celebrate our diversity. We need the arts to help bridge our differences and expand the fabric of our culture. In such serious times we also need to have some fun too. So with these words in mind we set forth a call for artist to show their colors and unite in a show that celebrates our individuality however we want to term it; queer, gay, lesbian, trans……human.

Performing artists TBA!

G788’s Spectrum Call for Artists is open to all queer and queer friendly artists!

Important dates:

Please let us know when you plan to drop-off
Art drop off – Sunday, July 5th 1-6pm
Art drop off – Monday, July 6th 1-8pm

Friday, July 3rd by 6 p.m. – Label info to be submitted to

Opening Night Reception
Thursday, July 9th 7-11pm

Payment Information:
Cash, check or PayPal:

20% commission on artwork sold
$100 for 6×9 wall space
$50 for 3×9 wall space
Smaller individual pieces $25 a piece (4 feet or smaller)

• All artwork must be ready to hang!
• All artists must submit all label information (prices, titles, etc)
•All artists must volunteer one gallery sitting shift during the run of the show

Closing/art pick up: Sunday, August 2nd 1-7pm


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