FOW symbol 7Future of Western is a D.C. based contemporary fine art exhibition is organized as an attempt to explore possible future Western identity. This open-ended, juried show provides artists with the opportunity to showcase alternative and experimental pro-Western culture.

Artists might consider the following:  How will the future West differentiate itself from future multiculturalism and non-Western globalization?

This juried exhibition will establish up to 10 winners. There is no monetary prize and artists are expected to pay round- trip shipping costs as well as insurance expenses. Every attempt will be made to maximize media attention. This exhibition should be viewed as a catalyst for emerging and mid-career artists. The exhibition is planned for the summer of 2016. The show’s planned location is at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington, D.C.. This is the former home of both Washington Project for the Arts and the Emerge art fair.

Entry deadline: July 1, 2016

Entry fee: $5

Exhibition date: August 20, 2016

Entry link:

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