On March 19th, Wonder Commons will present Diorama-Rama Deux, a celebration of creative storytelling inside the box. This will be the second annual diorama competition. In keeping with tradition, the rules of the event are very simple: dioramas must be smaller than three feet at longest side and can contain electricity, moving parts or be static. Judges will be looking for clarity of story and creativity. “March Madness” is this year’s theme, which each competitor can interpret as he/she sees fit. In addition to six distinguished judges, the audience will get a chance to vote for their favorite.

Doors will open at 7:30pm, and the program will begin with an introductory demonstration on dioramas by artist Jim Doran (http://jimdoran.net/art/) at 8pm. Judging will begin at 9:30pm with awards announced at 10:00pm. Diorama-Rama Deux is free and open to the public.

This year, Diamondback Brewing Company has generously donated beer for the event.

TIME: 7:30pm10:30pm

COST: Free

LOCATION: Allied Bindery, 45 Wicomico St, Baltimore, MD 21230

THEME: “March Madness” – Take it as you will…

AWARDS: Top three best Dioramas, Audience Favorite, Most Innovative Material, Most Grade School, the Cornell Prize and the Akeley Award.

Chris Rothe – Founder, Write Notepads & Co.
Alix Fenhagen – Managing Director, Single Carrot Theatre
DS Bakker – Model Builder
Jaime Kauffman – Program Director at Art with a Heart
Bruce Goldfarb – Writer and Nutshell Expert
Elissa Blount Moorhead – Cultural Sherpa

About Wonder Commons: Wonder Commons activates creativity through participatory happenings, art and making things. In 2014, Alix Fenhagen and Robert Marbury started Wonder Commons to produce eclectic programming that is creative, social, hands-on, and sometimes competitive. Past events include Diorama-Rama, now in its second year; Alternative Taxidermy Contests; Science Fair Party; and bar slide show lectures.

Additional Information:
Link to Event Page: http:goo.gl/rn3RZd

Twitter: @wondercommons

Instagram: @wondercommons

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