The City of Denver has a new Call for Art posted on<>.

This RFQ is for the soon-to-be-built Central Denver Recreation Center, the largest urban rec center in Colorado! The call is open nationally and the deadline is Monday, January 5th, 2015, with a budget for a $165,000 public art project.

The City of Denver Public Art Program and the Central Denver Recreation Center Art Selection Panel has released a Request for Qualifications for artists who wish to work on a public art project for the soon-to-be-built Central Denver Recreation Center. The Central Denver Recreation Center will be the first urban recreation Center in the state of Colorado, located on the corner of Colfax Avenue and Josephine Street in central Denver. This unique location provides an opportunity to connect to and extend City Park into the urban environment along Colfax Avenue, the longest continuous street in the nation. The City Park Esplanade which extends south from City Park along the eastern portion of the Recreation Center’s site provides opportunities to restore the historic connections to East High School and the historic Esplanade. This pivotal location also provides an opportunity to strengthen connections between the renewed energy of a quickly redeveloping Colfax and the adjacent historic residential neighborhoods to the north and the south. In coordination with Denver Public Schools, Denver Parks and Recreation is working to build a facility that provides greatly needed recreation opportunities to a currently underserved population in the surrounding areas. The 68,000 SF facility will include swimming pools, a gymnasium, fitness areas, community gathering spaces, classrooms and outdoor amenities. The site will be designed in a way to create a new venue for community gathering. The selection panel is interested in commissioning an artist or group of artists to collaborate with the design team to integrate artwork that can successfully connect the exterior/facade of the center with the interior space.


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