The Downtown Development Commission of Cumberland, Maryland is seeking artists who would be interested in designing a Signage Mural for the Historic City Center of Cumberland.

The mural would be 30’ x 10’ and would be printed on sheets of thin metal prior to being attached to the side of a prominent brick building at the entrance to the downtown pedestrian mall which forms the central part of the Historic City Center.


This design should incorporate the name, Historic City Center, and its current logo. If possible, the design should also say “A Maryland Arts & Entertainment District.” It can be a design which includes imagery, typography, and/or other design elements. The final work must be a hi-resolution digital file which can then be printed on the metal sheets.

This Signage Mural must serve as a welcoming sign to encourage visitors to visit the historic city center area and to be a brand for the area.

The printing and installation of the metal sheets is not the responsibility of the artist.


This project is a three-phase project:

PHASE ONE: The first phase is for artists interested in the project to submit a concept sketch or sketches. These can be black and white or color, but each sketch must be submitted as a 10” wide image on an 8 ½” x 11” page.


Artists who are interested in being considered should also submit the following along with their sketch:

1.) Resume or short biography

2.) Statement describing approach to the project

3.) No more than six images showing previous work that would be relevant to this project


PHASE TWO: One or more artists may be selected to provide a tight color rendition printed at 30″ wide x 10” tall. Artists will be paid $500 if asked to participate in this phase.

PHASE THREE: A final selection will be made from the 30″ designs and the artist will be asked to prepare the design for final printing. The artist whose work is selected will be paid an additional $3,000.

Applications and phase one sketches must be received electronically no later than February 12, 2016 and directed to

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of artists, city officials, the building owner and members of the Downtown Development Commission Design Committee.

Attachments include the proposed building/space to be covered by the mural and the Historic City Center logo. Any questions should be directed to

Please visit our website for additional information and to download the files.


File 1.) Proposed space/building to be covered by the mural (jpeg)

File 2.) Historic City Center logo (jpeg) Historic City Center logo (eps)

File 3.) Call for Artists (pdf)


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