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From Art F City: We’re seeking world-wide contributions from artists, writers, curators, and others affected by the travel ban who want to keep working. We’ll do what we can to support that effort, because what you do is now more important than ever.

This could be an IMG MGMT essay, a review of an exhibition or art fair in a city where you now have an unexpectedly long layover, or a personal narrative about how your life/practice has been affected by this fuckery. Stuck in an airport? Make something creative in the terminal and send it our way. Are you and a friend stranded in a strange city? If you’re in the mood, hit up some galleries and write up a We Went To. Basically, we’re open.

To everyone cut off from your loved ones, home, studio, and/or livelihood—we can’t begin to imagine how awful this is. Know that we’re heartbroken and mad as hell too. So, let’s work together. If you offer your voice, we will make its not only heard but supported.

Please send all commission pitches to, with the subject heading “Fuck Donald Trump”. Pitches should include an explanation of how you have been affected and what you would like to produce for AFC. Pitches should reflect the urgency of the times and your situation. Our first month’s submission deadline will be Wednesday February 15th.

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