The next intervention of BWA for BLM will take place at Project Row Houses in Houston, Texas opening March 24 and closing June 4.  As part of Simone Leigh’s PRH residency,  Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter will create site specific, multimedia art installations within all 7 houses. These installations will invite viewers to engage with and learn about the work of black women artists, writers, theorists and scholars.

The Digital Group of BWA for BLM will create an installation entitled, “Well Read Women” within one house. Overlapping audio will emanate throughout the space and will be composed of the voices of members of BWA for BLM and the larger community reading various inspirational texts by black men and women scholars, theorists, writers, artists, educators and activists. Simultaneously, digitally manipulated text and imagery will be projected and wheat pasted onto the interior walls of the house. The wheatpasting will also consist of various found ephemera from the Houston community. The installation will include cushions and seating that will create a calm environment for reflection and meditation. This work creates an opportunity for viewers to simultaneously reflect on the visual art while considering the socio-political struggles, activism, and excellence of Black women. Additionally this installation will include the literature of women of color who have worked in tandem with the struggle for freedom and liberation in society and in the arts.

BWA for BLM focuses on the interdependence of care and action, invisibility and visibility, self-defense and self-determination, and desire and possibility in order to highlight and disavow pervasive conditions of racism.


Audio Recordings of you reading inspirational texts by black men and women scholars, theorists, writers, artists, educators and activists (in the form of MP3 and MP4 files).


1)    Audio Specs: Must be submitted as a mp3 or mp4, please limit your submissions to a maximum length of 1 minute.

2)    A transcript of the text labeled with your name, the author’s name and title of the text must be included with your submission as a .doc or .pdf file.

3)    *Label All Submissions:  PRHDigital_LASTNameFIRSTName*

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:    Midnight, March 13, 2017

Email Submissions to:

We encourage recordings on different devices (smart phone, field recorder, etc.) solo and/or group.

Make sure your audio does not contain inappropriate language, curse words or vulgar sounds.

By submitting a recording, you agree to the above terms and to the use of your submission in the Project Row Houses exhibition.

Contact: for questions

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