Current Space is proud to present “Black Noise” a solo window exhibition of works by Alpha Massaquoi. The exhibition can be viewed from outdoors, through the window boxes along Howard Street.

Opening Reception: September 5, 6-9pm

Exhibition Duration: September 5 – October 10

Social Distancing Guidelines:
– Mask required: covering mouth AND nose.
– Maintain 6ft from others, sidewalk will be marked.
– Interior will be closed.
– Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe!

Black Noise:
For a bit too long Black Joy and Black Beauty has been placed in the background by society, as an ambient noise meant to be forgotten. We are often reminded of our plight and our struggles to be seen as humans and nothing less. This show is a celebration of black beauty. My goal with these charcoal drawings was to highlight the beauty in each figure, but also show a glimpse of the everyday struggle through their facial expression, lighting and titles.
Planted by a stream of water,
they never did what they utter,
lost cost is what they called us,
cursed by the sins of our fathers,
like Ham, dang, Noah left a damned generation.
But, imma celebrate my people,
carving their faces in your mind with precision sharper than a needle,
using color Dirt and charcoal, cause that’s how they see us.
I know Abba sees us,
getting shot on TV by 12 cause they can’t rule us
From the slang to the way we hang our drip, yeah, they want to be us.
Durag, gold chain & hair scarf call us thugs, detained before eighteen
Keep us in the system and maintained
below the poverty line and in a death loop. (gun shots)

-“Black Noise”-

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