Openings and activities in and around Baltimore- July 2014

Area 405
Reception: July 11, 7-10pm
Exhibition: June 20 – August 15th


Area 405 is pleased to present Macricrocosm, featuring the artwork of Sondheim Prize 2014 applicants and others.  These works can be perceived as both cosmic and cellular placing the viewer in the position of being either omnipresent or insignificant.  This mixed media exhibition runs through Summer 2014.

Artists: Helen Elliot, Lisa Marie Jakab, Paul Jeanes, Jarah Moesch, Brandon Morse, Julia Pearson, Dan Perkins, Ginevra Shay
Curator: Stewart Watson

Baltimore Threadquarters 
Generative Presence
Reception: July 12, 4-7pm
Exhibition: July 1- August 31


This exhibition showcases fiber and mixed media installations from two 2014 Sondheim Prize applicants.

Artists: Rania Hassan, Mihaela Savu
Curators: Allison Fomich, Marlo Jacobson, Matt Saindon

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower Gallery
Reception:  July 11, 5:30-7:30pm
Exhibition: July 11 – August 30 (Open Fridays 1-7pm and Saturdays 11am-4pm)


The yin and yang of the artists Vincent Carney and Matt Klos’s works reflect not only the interior versus the exterior, but the pristine versus the derelict– yet their work is so cohesive (as is visible by the hues used by both artists), you may think they shared the same palette.

Artists: Vincent Carney, Matt Klos
Curator: Betsy Stone

Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University
Artscape 2014: Home:Human = Cage:Cockatoo
Reception: July 12, 2-4pm
Exhibition: July 10 – August 9


The artists in this year’s Towson University Artscape exhibition define home through different approaches to discomfort.  For David Page, home can be threatening and torturous; for Ben Marcin, it is abandoned memory; for Katherine Sifers, it is postmodern vanitas; for Margaret Rogers, it is fantasy; for Avi Gupta, it is familiar but alienated; and for Mary Beth Muscara, it is fusion.

Artists: David Page, Ben Marcin, Katherine Sifers, Margaret Rogers, Avi Gupta, Mary Beth Muscara
Curator: Cheryl Harper

C. Grimaldis Gallery
Reception: Wednesday, July 16, 6pm-8pm
Exhibition: Wednesday, July 16 – Saturday, August 23


The C. Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to present “SUMMER ’14,” a group exhibition featuring works by selected gallery artists and Sondheim Prize applicants.

Artists: Chul Hyun Ahn, Grace Hartigan, Hidenori Ishii, Dimitra Lazaridou, Eugene Leake, Ben Marcin, Neil Meyerhoff, Raoul Middleman, Bernd Radtke, Zhao Jing & others
Curator: Constantine Grimaldis

Creative Alliance
Glue & Glitter: Skeletons, Flowers,& Jellies- A Retrospective of Tommy Tombo ODea
Reception: Thursday July 10th 6-8pm @ Amalie Rothschild Gallery
Exhibiton: July 5-26th
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat, 11am-7pm


Self-taught, visionary artist Tommy O’Dea is a third generation longshoreman and until recently a life-long resident of Fells Point. To aid in his recovery from drug addiction, Tombo (as he is known on the waterfront), started making artwork.  Over the next 18 years he created a vibrant series of images crafted out of unique media. Tommy referred to himself as a “glue artist.” He painstakingly layered glues and epoxies, many bought from a marine store, creating richly textured surfaces.  He worked in series, carefully framed the work, and often gave it to his friends and family. Fish skeletons, sunflowers, pineapples and jellyfish were his favorite motifs.  Vibrantly colored with acrylic paint, magic markers and glitter, these pieces remain treasured gifts.

Gallery 788 
Gallery 788’s Fifth Annual Photography Show
Reception: July 3, 7pm
Exhibition: July 3 – July 26


Gallery 788’s Fifth Annual Photography Show will exhibit of all things photography-related, highlighting some of the best photographers from the region, and beyond.

Artists: Katherine Sifers, Jing Zhao, and others
Curators: Eduardo Rodriguez and Charles Hofsommer

The Gallery at CCBC, Catonsville
Reception: July 11, 6-8pm
Exhibition: July 11 – August 31

Without light, art does not exist.  The visible spectrum of light through the human eye is what allows us to perceive beauty, thus making it an appropriate medium for these artists to express themselves.  Similar to the process artists like Itten, Rothko or even Newton used to explain color theory.  The artwork in this show uses light not as a mere consideration for their work, but as a medium in and of itself.  Their individual sculptures combine to create one environment where the visible spectrum of light and its role in the spaces they create is the main focus.

Artists: Tommy Bobo, Melissa Burley, Laure Drogoul, and Stephen Hendee
Curator: Kevin Cook

The Gallery at CCBC, Dundalk
Imaginary Friends
Reception: Thursday, July 17, 6pm-8pm
Exhibition: Thursday, July 17 – Sunday, August 31

Delving into the abstract fantasy world of imaginary friends, this collection embraces the subtle and strange.  With tiny worlds existing in each palette, patrons can fill in their own blanks, recalling their own imaginary friends and placing them in each abstract environment.  With colorful fantasy, nostalgic innocence is conjured in these delightful works.

Artists: Pam Rogers, and others
Curator: Liberty Carter

Gormley Gallery, Notre Dame of Maryland University
Contested Divisions 
Reception: July 11, 6-8 pm
Exhibition: July 7 – July 26

Contested Divisions presents images made from the materials of photography and that employ mixed media to explore the medium’s indexical mode.

Artists: Elizabeth Crisman, Amy Finkelstein, Todd Forsgren, Muriel Hasbun, Kyle Tata, and Ding Ren
Curator: Geoff Delanoy

Dissolution and Transformation
Opening Reception: June 26 (time TBA)
Closing Reception: July 31 (time TBA)
Exhibition: June 26 – August 2

Creation arises from the dissolving of forms and concepts. The artwork in this exhibition represents the dissolving of contemporary beliefs through a diverse array of subject matter. Dissolution of belief establishes the foundation for Transformation. This exhibit establishes the strong correlation of end to its counterpart, beginning. This forges an alternative way of seeing for the viewer.

Artists: Kini Collins, Jessica Damen, Megin Diamond, Michelle Dickson, Annie Farrar, Cianne Fragione, Pat Dennis Giroux, Artemis Herber, Daniel Herman, LaToya Hobbs, Ruth Pettus, Maxine Taylor, Sandra Wasko-Flood Curators: Jessica Damen, Pat Dennis Giroux, and Maxine Taylor


The Windup Space
Logical Magic
Reception: Wednesday, July 16, 7pm-10pm
Exhibition: Wednesday, July 9 – Thursday, July 31


The Windup Space is pleased to present “Logical Magic,” featuring new paintings by Se Cho.  The subjects of Cho’s work are based on geomorphology, engineering, modeling, and general scientific concepts like accuracy vs. precision, optical illusion, etc.  Cho says of her work: “My paintings are a representation of what I learn and experience in my life, most importantly subjects of my scientific research.”

Artist: Se Jong Cho
Curator: Jason C. Hoylman

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