Openings and activities in and around Baltimore: August 2014.

Gallery CA

GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism
July 18th to August 8th
Exhibition Reception: Friday, August 8th, 6 – 9 pm


GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism is the inaugural exhibition of The Feminist Art Project – Baltimore and the exhibition, like the group, aims to create a safe and inclusive space to talk about current issues within the context of feminism. Highlighting the work of female artists and artists dealing with feminist issues, themes, and aesthetics the exhibition strives to contextualize itself within the parameters of the art world and society at large. This intention manifests itself in a number of ways throughout the exhibition with artists and artworks that represent a broad spectrum of ages, races, backgrounds which results in differing approaches, mediums, and subject matter.

Maryland Art Place

Young Blood 2014
July 17th to August 16th

Young Blood is an annual exhibition showcasing outstanding works by recent Baltimore-area Masters of Fine Art graduates. Celebrating its 7th year, Young Blood will continue its tradition of exhibiting a diverse range of innovative, emerging artists.

Exhibiting artists include: Claire Girodie, Justin Hoekstra, Caleb Kortokrax, Jim Leach, Nick Primo, and Dominique Zeltzman.

C Grimaldis Gallery

Summer ’14
July 16th to August 23rd


C. Grimaldis Gallery presents its annual summer group exhibition, Summer ’14, featuring contemporary sculpture, painting, and photography from exhibiting and represented gallery artists.

Summer ‘14 concisely summarizes the gallery’s program and serves as an update on the talent cultivated by C. Grimaldis Gallery. Artists included in this exhibition are: Chul Hyun Ahn, Markus Baldegger, Henry Coe, Cheryl Goldsleger, Lee Hall, Grace Hartigan, Eugene Leake, Dimitra Lazaridou, Ben Marcin, Raoul Middleman, Caroline Ramersdorfer, Cordy Ryman, Alexey Titarenko, René Treviño, John Van Alstine, John Waters, and Zhao Jing.

Goya Contemporary

Material Matters
June 25th to August 15th


Louise Bourgeois, Günther Uecker, George Rickey, Jo Smail, Salvatore Scarpitta, Sam Gilliam, Luis Flores, Christine Neill, Sally Egbert, Sanford Biggers, Pia Fries, Sergio Sister, Yayoi Kusama, & Imi Knoebel.

Act Up collaboration box including: Nancy Spero, Ross Bleckner, Mike Kelley, Lorna Simpson,Louise Bourgeois, Simon Leung, & Kiki Smith

Creative Alliance

Marquee Lounge Exhibition
July 30th to August 30th


For the past year, Studio 2 resident artist Christopher Kojzar has been toiling away, creating new bodies of mixed media artwork, a selection of which will be on view in the Marquee Lounge from July 30 – August 30. Restaurant hours only or by appointment.  Enjoy drinks, farm-to-table fresh food and a relaxing atmosphere while appreciating the work of one of Baltimore’s rising visual art stars.

August 1st  to August 16th
Reception: Aug 1, 6–8pm
Amalie Rothschild Gallery


Artist Shaul Tsemach establishes his own visual language in painting by exploring his fascination with the primal, symbiotic relationship between humanity and the natural world. Relying on a spontaneous and intuitive process, he juxtaposes organic elements and natural patterns with more abstract and imaginative landscapes – using color and design, layers of rich texture, collages of manipulated digital photographs, textual material, and found objects to reflect the infinite beauty of a sentient natural world.   The resulting paintings are at once abstract and figurative, balancing ambiguity with the familiar in a style that allows elemental forms to evoke a transcendent reality.

HumaNature will be Shaul Tsemach’s first solo exhibition of original artwork.  For more information on the artist and his work, please visit

Looking At Us
August 22nd to September 6th
Amalie Rothschild Gallery
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat, 11am-7pm


Looking At Us explores artist Sheldon “Shelley” Amsel’s colorful take on daily life in Baltimore, including swimming, bicycling, eating, drinking, shoes, closets, and the Orioles. Using acrylic paint and oil sticks on canvas and paper, and a small degree of cynicism, Amsel attempts to show the viewer – themselves. His paintings reflect on the ordinary world in which we are immersed.  As color affects the artist’s mood profoundly, he attempts to affect the viewer’s mood through his choice of vibrant, explosive colors.  Composition and humor also play a large role in his paintings, drawings, and pastel pieces.

School 33

On the Brink
Joyce Yu-Jean Lee
June 13th to August 21st
Members’ Gallery


School 33 Art Center is pleased to present On the Brink, a solo exhibition of new work by, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee.  In On the Brink, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee takes a look at various states of precariousness: environmental, economic, and mortal. Her projected video in this exhibition teeters at the edge of opposing forces and cyclical phenomena. A circular screen suspended from the ceiling serves as a projection surface for an animated storm tossing around the residue of everyday urban life. Cell phones, laptops, pets, jewelry, cars, and water bottles float and swirl around and above viewers. On the Brink illustrates precarious fragility, establishing loose narratives and vignettes abstracted from familiar banal environments that warn about falling out of balance.

Baltimore Museum of Art

Black Box: Lorna Simpson
June 27th to August 31st


The power of Lorna Simpson’s video installation lies in its choir of 15 voices gently humming the melody “Easy to Remember,” a haunting song about love and loss. Within the tranquil, flowing meditation, individual interpretations of the song emerge as we hear unique intonations. One of the highlights of the BMA’s contemporary collection, Easy to Remember appeals to viewers “to recognize the common humanity that unites us all,” said Curator of Contemporary Art Kristen Hileman.


Screencaps: Dina Kelberman
July 13 to August 17th


Nudashank is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by Dina Kelberman. Dina Kelberman is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. She works in a wide variety of media including comics, painting, web media, animation, playwriting, photography, and screencaps. She is a founding member of the Wham City collective and a weekly comics contributor to the Baltimore City Paper. Kelberman was recently invited to create an original web-based piece, “Smoke and Fire,” for the New Museum.

Goucher College Galleries

Shifting Ground, Selected Paintings 2008-2014
June 5th to  August 31st
Reception: August 28th 6 to 9 p.m. in the Rosenberg Art Gallery.
Gallery Hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Sunday


In Shifting Ground, Selected Paintings 2008-2014, Greg Minah traces the trajectory of his work, an evolving creative process and distinct style characterized by physical manipulation of paint on canvas. His work emerges from a fascinating working process–bordering on performance–and from his active exploitation of the possibilities of his materials.  He plans carefully, but remains responsive to chance.

MICA Exhibitions

Foundation Exhibition
Meyerhoff Gallery and Pinkard Gallery in Fox Building
Friday, August 29th to September 21st
Reception: Thursday, September 11, 5-7 pm


Timed to coincide with the arrival of this year’s freshmen, this highly regarded student exhibition features work produced by current sophomore students during their foundation year at MICA. This annual exhibition provides a first glimpse at the works of artists who are developing their skills and vision over the next few years in a variety of media.

UMBC Galleries

Victoria Sambunaris: Taxonomy of a Landscape
August 27th  to December 17th
Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery


This exhibition presents photographs made over the span of more than a decade by Sambunaris as she traversed the United States, stopping to photograph phenomena ubiquitous and familiar to particular regions but anomalous to the ordinary eye. Acting as both document and metaphor for the American experience, Sambunaris’s photographs bring into view the vast, open-ended mystery and unease of a country where human intervention and natural beauty inspire wonder in equal measure.

Top of the World

“Destinations” Exhibition
June 20th  to August 24th


Top of the World Observation Level is excited to welcome “Destinations,” a collaborative exhibition from D. Emerson Myers and Doug Moulden.  Myers’s work is guided compositionally by the city’s infrastructure and thematically by the city itself, its people and its culture.  He takes mapped grids and turns them into a patchwork of colorful neighborhoods and districts.  In his work, Moulden creates a landscape devoid of humans encourages the viewer to place themselves metaphorically into the painting. Top of the World is located on the 27th floor of the World Trade Center at 401 E. Pratt Street.

Regular hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 10am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.  Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and military, and $3 for children 3 to 12 years old.  The last ticket is sold a half-hour before closing.

Schulman Project
Kari Smith
August 1th to September 7th


Baltimore Clayworks

Shake it Baby!
August 16th to September 27th


Juried by Bryan Hopkins and Lisa Orr

An exhibition that challenges  the artist to make a salt and pepper delivery device that is truly unique to  them. An abundance of shakers and cellars and other containers for our  ubiquitous table spices will be featured.

Artists: Anne Bernard-Pattis (IL), Brice Dyer (FL),  Camila Friedman-Gerlicz (NY), Janis Hughes (GA), Judith Kornett (MD), Lynda  Ladwig (CO), Elizabeth Lockett (MD), JoAnna Mark (MA), Andrew McIntire (NY), CJ  Niehaus (IL), Sarah Olson (WV), Veena Raghavan (VA), Shana Salaff (CO), Katie  Susko (IL), Adam and Melissa Yungbluth (FL)

The Windup Space

Sight Unseen presents CREATIVE DESTRUCTION: The Smyth Brothers


August 12th, 8pm

An experimental tale distorting Bali’s modern world into a historical account depicting the demise of its former cultural motto, “Rice is Life.” Ten wordless vignettes, all in-camera edits, are strung together to compose a two-part mythological venture down the heavenly mountain toward the demonic sea, culminating at the site of the 2002 terrorist bombing.

BIO Brendan and Jeremy Smyth are 16mm experimental documentary filmmakers who explore the globe in search of cultural oddities. Their interest in visual anthropology has sent them from Mexico to Indonesia showcasing the economic plight of workers through unique methods of storytelling. The two are the directors/programmers of the Haverhill Experimental Film Festival in Massachusetts, soon to open submissions for the third annual event. Currently, the Smyth brothers live in Durham, NC, where they curate a monthly experimental film series known as UNEXPOSED.

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