As developments unfold with events in Baltimore, we will attempt to catalog efforts of visual artists, musicians and all creative artists of our city (along with various arts organizations) to respond to what is happening and provide opportunities for people to think on what is happening and find a voice. Please share any other upcoming events in the comments, and we’ll make sure to re-post, thank you.

Muse 360 and its youth have been open and also out there supporting the community in a variety of ways.

We are doing a food drive for residents in Gilmore Homes because as you may know they have no access to a supermarket or any transportation to get food feed their families.

If you’d like to assist please let me know , we are accepting donations at Muse 360 Arts  located at the Eubie Blake Center 847 N. Howard St.

We are also having a youth town hall onWeds May 6th at 6pm at The Real News Network. It would be great if you can share this with your networks and attend if you are able to.

847 N. Howard St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Tel: 410.235.0654
Fax: 443.308.2025

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