As developments unfold with events in Baltimore, we will attempt to catalog efforts of visual artists, musicians and all creative artists of our city (along with various arts organizations) to respond to what is happening and provide opportunities for people to think on what is happening and find a voice. Please share any other upcoming events in the comments, and we’ll make sure to re-post, thank you.

Wednesday (May 8th) 

Gallery 788: 3602 Hickory Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21211

In light of the protests and riots around the city this April, Baltimore artists are donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of their work to support community centers that serve our most at-risk youth. (specific organization TBA).

More details to come, including a list of contributing artists, performers at the opening on May 8th. Donation requirements: Art drop-off is May 4th and 5th from 1-7pm at Gallery 788. Please fill out a release form at the gallery and don’t forget to specify your starting bid (NO greater than $125) and your buy-it-now price. Please tape a tag to the back of your work with your name and title to help out these frazzled, last-minute volunteers! There is no limit on the number of pieces or size of work that you can submit, but we kindly ask that you keep the nature of your work POSITIVE and understand that we reserve the right to pick and choose from multiples in case space fills up. We want to represent as many artists as possible! Thank you for your donation!!

-McKenzie, Matt, Robert, and Eduardo

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