As developments unfold with events in Baltimore, we will attempt to catalog efforts of visual artists, musicians and all creative artists of our city (along with various arts organizations) to respond to what is happening and provide opportunities for people to think on what is happening and find a voice. Please share any other upcoming events in the comments, and we’ll make sure to re-post, thank you.

via the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Facebook page:

Tomorrow (Friday, May 1st) we’re opening the doors for a FREE 10:00 AM performance of Romeo and Juliet. It’s a regularly scheduled show for school groups. They can’t make it, but we hope you can. It’s a gift to our beloved city.

“You are welcome to come, and then enjoy a lunch or stroll in the Harbor. Or go volunteer your time nearby. Or just talk to each other. Or just listen.
Come “- Vince Eisenson

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