Countdown to Awesomeness 

Apply by October 10th for Your Chance to Win $2,000

Calling all dreamers. The Awesome Foundation is raising the bar and doubling our normal cash prize to $2,000 for a project that SCREAMS “awesome!” and makes Baltimore an even more awesome place just by existing. We want your wild schemes, your spectacular flights of fancy, your semi-deranged space-monkey rocket launches. We’re looking for Snark-hunters, white-whale stalkers, and King-Kong conquistadors. Something so explosive it’ll make the gunpowder plot look like a pop-gun, so off the wall it’ll bounce off the plaster like Tigger on crack, so far outside the box that right angles start to weep and cry for mercy.

Something like …

“I want to build the world’s largest hammock.”

“I want to start a fashion line for diabetics with a cheeky name that makes wearing an insulin pump hotter than toting a Fendi bag.”

“I want to recreate the boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark in an urban environment so people can run screaming through back-alleys with a giant plush ball rumbling after them.”

What we don’t want: NOTHING BORING. The usual suspects will be rounded up and shot. No gallery exhibitions unless you’ve found a way to sculpt or paint with molten lava; no travel budgets or research budgets unless you bring back a yeti or resurrect a velociraptor. We think kids are awesome too but unless you’re training them to be ninja pirates, we’re probably the wrong address for funding your after-school program. We love community gardens too but we’d want to see magic beanstalks and we call dibs on all the golden eggs for our kick-ass recipe for glittering french toast. In other words, nothing that’s already been done to death or would get funded by a foundation NOT run by a crew of reckless maniacs bent on world anti-hum-drum-ination.

Got it? Awesome. Collect your inspiration together into concentrated form, go to and tell us why you should get two thousand bucks for it by OCTOBER 10th.

Questions? Email us at


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