On Wednesday July 6th the youth artists of the mural artist apprenticeship program, Art @ Work: Upton, led a community design presentation where they presented their ideas for murals and mosaics, heard community feedback and shared how they came up with their designs.

This summer, eight teams comprised of a lead artist, an artist intern, and ten youth apprentices enrolled in Youth Works will create public art projects along the Pennsylvania Avenue cultural corridor.

For their design presentations, each team presented a team name, project location, and design inspiration and proposals.

Check out the teams and some of their wonderful mural and mosaic design ideas!



Youth Apprentices: Daisia Savage, Daria Young, Ishay Singletary, Qeyara Evans, Larnar Conway, Sam Fissell, Antoine James Maliyah Johnson, Asia Skinner

Master Artist: Gary Mullen

Artist Intern: McKinley Wallace III

Mural Site: 

  • Location: 1500 Pennsylvania Ave, Baltimore MD
  • Business type: community market, farmers market
  • History: “It’s a big deal. This is a historic market, and the improvements are fantastic,” said the mayor. The Avenue Market was originally built in 1951.
  • It’s the heart of the Upton, the different colors of the building brings joy to the community.

Design Proposal: 

Picture2     Picture3


Youth Apprentices: Najae Adams, Parrish Anderson, Martaja Baskerville, Tyrek Brown, Ariel Goldberg, Tykiera Lewis, Tykeria Owens, Malia Pinkney, Shydi Richardson-Griffin, Tailyn Robinson, Chad Taylor, Tionnebray Thompson

Master Artist: Iandry Randriamandroso

Artist Intern: Chauna Krauss

Murals Site: 

  • Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary is located at 1624 Eutaw Place.
  • Today our the site has 2 functions: an elementary school & a recreation center

Design Proposal:Picture5

Team 3 – NO LIMIT 


Youth Apprentices: Katelyn E, Shamarr E, Jaché H, Raquwon R, Cameron H, Marcellus H, Jazmine C, Kennedy T, Lance G

Master Artist: Julie Horton

Artist Intern: Amelia Carrol

Mural Site: Etting Park // 1200 WILSON STREET

Design Proposal:

pic24 Pic25


Picture6Youth Apprentices: Justin Price, Moenira Baker, Quincy Burton, Terence Purvis Jr., Noah Howard, Audacious Hopkins, Destinee Williams, Sonarda Glenn, Kierra Ledbetter, Sierra Barns, Danae Bell

Master Artist: Herb Massie

Mosaic Site: 

  • 1900 block of Division St.
  • Our inspiration as a team was to beautify the neighborhood one house at a time showing hope, peace and that anything can be renewed. We want to take pride in our work and our hope of making new life.

Design Proposal:

Picture7   Picture8



Youth Apprentices: Daryl Chatman Jr., Ruthvin Elbourne III, Jordan Miller Mack, Dejai Padgett, Sha-Shonna Rogers, Rodregues Ross, Cameron Wiley, Chyna Williams, Jariya Wimbley

Master Artist: Mike Thomas

Artist Intern: Alexis Dixon

Mural/ Mosaic Site: 

  • Location: Upton Avenue Market
  • Function: community market
  • Business type: variety of shops and businesses including chicken places, Chinese food places, healthy smoothie shops, and check cashing places.

Design inspiration:

Picture10  Picture11

Team 6 – MELANIN 


Youth Apprentices: Asia C, Donna L, Kaliyah D, Rickeira R, Kaiylah P, Malachi P, Deshawn R, Mya D

Master Artist: Ernest Shaw

Artist Intern: Hee Jun Ahn

Mural Site:

  • Crazy Mart – 1705 Pennsylvania Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217
  • We propose to portray a number of historic African Americans in addition to patrons and residents along the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor.

Design Proposal:


Team 7 – UPTON 12


Youth Apprentices: Asantewa Augustus-El, Antonio Beads Jr, Travon Burton, Katia Crawford, Kayla Harvey, Akia Jones, Leah McCollum, Diamondnae’ Richardson, William Walker

Master Artist: Ignacio Marino Larrique

Artist Interns: Tariq Sabur , Simon Jackson-forsberg

Mural Site:

  • Both sides of the storefronts on the 1800 Block of Pennsylvania.
  • These stores include: Penn Mart, Cricket – Appliance R US – Mel’s Liquors – Lucky Shop  – Vacant storefronts – Urban Jewelers – Panda Carry Out – Sissy’s Seafood – Lafayette Market – Discount Store
  • Design elements  are inspired by the businesses that line the block and by the block itself.

Design Proposal:


Team 8


Youth Apprentices: James Bagley Jr, Corzeck Carlton Jr, Roshay Gaskins, Autumn Huges, Kevin Johnson, Tracy Tafts Jr, Antione Williams , Avery Williams, Arjene Wilson, Kenneth Clemons

Master Artist: Megan Lewis

Mural Site:

  • Shake & Bake Family Fun Center on 1601 Pennsylvania Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Local activity venue offering a roller skating rink, 32-lane bowling alley & video game arcade. Plays a large role in the community.

Design ProposalPicture21 Picture22

The projects will be completed by the programs end on Friday July 29th, and the final products can be seen and celebrated by trolley tour that night at Shake & Bake from 6-9pm!

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