Taking place in the Baltimore Region in fall 2015, the New Day Campaign is an arts-based initiative to challenge stigma associated with behavioral health conditions. Multiple exhibitions and events illuminate stories promoting compassion, empathy, and understanding—all with the vision of making the world a more healing place.

On Thursday, March 19, 6:15-7:30pm, Brunn Studios will be holding an Information Session on the New Day Campaign. At this gathering – primarily aimed at the arts and cultural communities – we will share three important ways to become involved: 1) we will announce an “open call” submission process for artists, writers, and performers to submit pieces and proposals to become part of the New Day Campaign, with a deadline in early June, 2015; 2) we will describe how those who lead or teach art workshops or classes might take on New Day Campaign related themes, with the results submitted for consideration to be included; and 3) we will describe how through your own programming you can become an “affiliate” of the New Day Campaign, receiving promotion from our campaign efforts. The meeting takes place at BOPA’s offices at 10 East Baltimore St., Baltimore, MD 21224. RSVP to peter@bruunstudios.com is not required, but preferred.


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